DID Numbers


By purchasing a foreign countries telephone number you can facilitate cooperation  for your business partners and be ahead of the competition.

DID number is a service for call divert. By purchasing a DID number of any foreign country, you make your business partners able to call you from that country, at their local rates, as if you were actually there.

In that way, you provide your business partners an opportunity of much cheaper phone calls, you get more close to your market and you strengthen partnerships.

In addition to DID numbers of all the counties of the Republic of Croatia, we are offering DID numbers for all European countries and countries of the world, with the option of selecting several cities within the same country.

Further more

DID phone number (Direct Inward Dialing) is a geographic telephone number that is assigned separately to all major cities of the world.

It accounts for a virtual geographical telephone number that is completely independent of the providers of telecommunications services. One of its advantages is the absolute mobility.

Namely, the DID number is allocated to the IP phone (SIP account), which can be used anywhere where the Internet is available, regardless of your geographic position.

It takes just one of the devices – cell phone, computer, laptop, or ATA, which can be connected to an analog phone. DID numbers are rented out to users on 1, 3, 6 or 12 month basis.

For ordering DID numbers, you need a VoIPBON account. Making an order is carried out online, via your personal user account

Call Divert Options

Incoming calls can be diverted to a fixed phone number or to your mobile number. And thus, you’re always available and able to open a virtual office anywhere in the world.

For example, if you bought a number in Italy, you can direct all calls to your fixed number. Thereby, you have enabled your partners to call you at the price of local rates in Italy. In this case, you pay the rent of DID number and the call price specified in the  VoipBON pricelist.DID number can be used in several ways and you can set it yourself through your user account:

SIP Account – redirecting to voipBON SIP account
PSTN Number – redirecting  to the phone number or mobile number
Fax2mail – receive fax on DID number and get it in your e-mail
URI – i.e. the IP exchange
Other providers – buy a DID number using our service, and you can use it through voipBON, or any other VoIP provider.

Voice channels: 2 or more voice channels

Number of voice channels:

  • 2 voice channels (2 simultaneous calls)
  • The option of Expansion of voice channels when needed by user

IVR – voice response message

Voice response is a message that is activated after the listener makes a call, and then the machine offers the option of further selection of departments or services (Click 1 for sale ….).

This service is being charged on a monthly basis after the expiry of the accounting period.

IVR applications: Dedicated application

Dedicated applications on the user’s request.

Geographic numbers

DID number is a phone number that can be transferred from one device to another and can be used regardless of location. This means that it is not physically connected by wire to the location of a specific phone line.

DID number is a phone number with a feature of being used via VoIP, and you can receive a phone call using it, as well as with any other phone number directed via fixed or mobile operator.


Geographic number in a sequence

DID numbers are arranged numerically, and represent memorable numbers that you can sort by the department or by the employees.


The modern and flexible platform of VoipBON offers the possibility to use your applications via the HTTP protocol to connect to our service and manage the DID numbers. After a few moments, all the desired changes become active.

Porting of numbers

The existing number can be fully switched to VoIPBON and thus you get big savings on calls and the monthly fee.

Get rid of the telecom operator subscription and cut your monthly fee by 50%.


Video how-to
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