IPBX telephone exchange with integrated VoIP telephony system, in addition to all the features of typical exchanges, includes many new applications that drastically reduce telecom costs.


IPBX telephone exchange for business users, in addition to all traditional PBX features (connecting remote locations in the internal telephony system regardless of where they are located) has an integrated system for VoIP telephony. The service is designed for small and large companies with several thousand users.

The exchange can be adjusted in several ways depending on user preference:

  • Smart routing of a call to the lowest call rate (low cost routing) is provided by routing the call towards GSM router and foreign service providers of cheap telephony.
  • Call routing towards the quality of the connection (best effort routing) provides high quality and clarity of voice.
  • Initiating a call at VoIP rates (0.23 HRK for international landline telephone networks / 1,50 HRK for international mobile telephonenetworks)!

iPBX – telephone exchange

iPBX Exchange accounts for a telephone system that works in LAN / Internet network and represents an alternative to traditional telephone exchange. By using new methods of data transfer, this exchange outperforms the major telephone systems. In addition, it can be compatible with your existing phone system that you might not want to change.

VoIP exchange facilitates the control of the call path. The exchange can be adjusted in such a way that all calls are made through voipBON, and for receiving calls and as a backup solution (in case of losing the Internet connection) it is possible to use the local phone network operator.

This system is incorporated by companies that want maximum costs control, that have a large number of internal connections and for which the stability of their telephony and the system is of great importance.

Key functions of iPBX system

  • Rack mount 1,2,3 U / standalone case, small in size and low consumption
  • ISDN BRA / PRA, analog, IP connections
  • Dialing numbers from Outlook address book
  • detection and reception of fax messages
  • Remote administration, customer support
  • Internal module for music
  • IP, ISDN VoiceMail user maps
  • playing the messages back from the phone
  • TCP / IP protocol
  • VoIP phones, VoIP Microsoft clients without having to pay expensive licenses
  • an analog port for fax machine
  • Printing out of all calls (incoming and outgoing) and their duration
  • VoIP trunking, linking multiple exchanges at different locations in order to reduce the costs of mutual calls
  • the possibility of registering VoIP to SIP providers
  • the possibility of 90% savings in international calling
  • call recording
  • Quality of Service, Firewall, Anti-DoS
  • connecting the phone to the exchange via the Internet
  • connecting with typical exchanges

vPBX – Virtual branch exchange

One does not need to buy Telephone Exchange. Virtual PBX is a virtual exchange, which replaces the traditional one, and has all its technical capabilities and many new applications. VoipBON virtual PBX phone system is an interesting solution for small and medium sized businesses.

The virtual exchange is located on our servers, and a user gets his IP phone connected to it via the Internet connection. All offices and subsidiaries of a business, no matter where they are, get connected to the internal telephone system. Because of this possibility, the calls within a company become free, and when calls are made towards external numbers one gets the impression that the calls are coming from one center.

The use of virtual exchange is repaid through monthly subscription that depends on the number of extensions, simultaneous calls and the available RAM and HDD.

You can let us do the programming and administration of virtual iPBX exchange for your needs.



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