Private users

Use VoipBON One, talk with family and friends at home and abroad and have no fear of high telecom bills. VoipBON telecom service is a simple and user-friendly service.

VoipBON provides Private users with a service package comprising Voice, SMS and Fax services customized for private users. Simple and user-friendly web interface through which the calls are made and the control provided, makes the basis of  VoipBON service. Call Billing is realized via prepaid cards that offer the possibility of overall costs control, and a user buys them as appropriate.

Examples of using VoipBON Service


Telephone – by making phone calls to destinations worldwide via VoipBON  you are realizing significant calls savings. It is also possible to make cheaper phone calls when you are abroad.

Number portability – port your number to VoipBon and make savings of 50% compared to the subscription price you pay.

SMS / FAX – send SMS and Fax messages via the Internet. Also, you are able to send the same message to multiple recipients. You can set SMS reminders, and SMS messages deferred sending allows you to send greetings or reminders.

DID Number

DID number – by subscribing to VoipBon phone number, you become available anywhere in the world.

International DID Number – by subscribing to the international phone number you can provide your family and friends to call you at national call rates of the country they are located in.


We offer the following options to Private customers

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Video how-to
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