In addition to high quality and specialized services for clients needs, we offer technologically modern equipment that supports the advanced technical capabilities of VoIP technology.

IP Phone

IP phone is a modern phone set that provides the transfer of sound, images, data exchange, social networks, weather forecast, and Internet radio and so on.

IP phones handling is very simple. It is enough to connect the phone to the Internet by use of LAN cable.


ATA Adapter (Analog Telehpone Adapter) is a device by which the conventional phone can use VoIP technology.

ATA Adapter connects to the Internet and it joins the existing phone. There are several options, several options to make the connection.

Conventional phone connects to the phone connection on the ATA adapter, and a network cable (LAN) from the ATA is connected to the DSL modem. In some models it is possible to connect several conventional phones.

Soft phone

Soft phone is a computer program that simulates the operation of the phone. Soft phone has all functions of a table (IP) phone and may be his replacement.

The advantage of the soft phone is the mobility and ease of use, and the disadvantage is the quality of the conversation, which depends on the audio devices integrated into the computer, so that the use of a headset with microphone is recommended for  the optimum use.

Most soft phone manufacturers along with offering free versions, offer also the commercial, licensed programs that come with much better audio codecs that optimize the sound quality and consumption of the Internet package.

Telephone exchange

Business users who have telephone exchange in the company can use VoIP  by connecting the exchange with Voip service and redirect calls from all telephones.


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