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VoipBON Media is a package of services tailored to the needs of journalists’ editorial offices, publishing companies, television and radio stations, advertising agencies and public relations agencies, media agencies and similar companies which with minimal investment can take advantage of  the advanced telephony capabilities.

The Media package offers customers the selection of services such as SMS, FAX, DID number, VoIP telephony, Call center services, VPN networking of branch office and equipment for some of specified systems. Each of VoipBON services is managed easily through the user interface through which the administrator has complete control and supervision of the system.
By using the Call Center Service, the typewriter service can, at cheap rates, call correspondents in the field, in the country or abroad, and examine public opinion and the like.
DID numbers are a service that is interesting for companies that frequently communicate with countries abroad and that have business relations with countries abroad, because this service allows the user to be more accessible and cheaper in telecommunications with foreign partners, journalists and others.

SMS Service gives users the possibility to communicate with a large number of recipients for providing brief information, announcements, contests and more. SMS Service provides the return on investments in a short period of time. The Option PromoSMS provides the user to place the SMS box to his web portal, through which the portal visitors can send free short text messages, and at the end of SMS there appears a marketing message.

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