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Voipbon Office is a services package designed for business users who want to make calls, send fax messages and SMS messages using VoIP technology, which allows better control of costs and greater savings. To use this service, you need Internet Access and SIP device or software, customized for this application, installed on your computer or mobile device, and according to the wishes and needs of the users it is possible to implement advanced solutions such as IPPBX telephone exchanges.

To its users, VoipBON Office provides the use of the service via a simple and descriptive web interface, customized to the requirements and needs of a small user. There are all VoIPBON services at the disposal, and they are characterized by portability from place to place, the flexibility to meet customer needs and the ease of use. Services can be used anywhere in the world where the user has access to the Internet.
Payment of made calls and other VoIP BON services is done in several ways depending on the preferences of the user. In addition to prepaid billing or pay-as-you-go , we have included also a postpaid payment method. We offer our clients the option to control and check the costs through the web interface.
For business users, SMS service allows sending messages to business partners, employees within the company for informing purposes. Business users may find especially interesting the possibility to send SMS messages for marketing purposes, at the very attractive price of an individual message, also using a simple, user-friendly web interfaces that give insight into the spending and service rendering, and with the integration with the existing user business solutions.


Our VoIPBON service allows you to make calls via VoIP technology. VoIP is a protocol that allows users to communicate at much favorable prices because the communication takes place online and compared to the conventional telephony it makes savings of up to 90%. This technology can be used anywhere in the world through mobile phones, computers, conventional phone or VoIP phone.

The advantages of VoIPBON telecommunication services are the following:

  • Cheaper international calls
  • Instant access to balance on the account
  • Postpaid or prepaid billing
  • No fees taken for establishing the call
  • Accounting made per minute
  • Payments done by money order
  • Free  calls among users
  • Complete costs control

Ways of using VoIP call service:

  • Softphone – the simplest way is making calls over the computer. By installing the software  (X-Lite) the user establishes the call by means of  headsets and a microphone.
  • ATA Adapter – ATA Adapter is connected to the Internet and the phone is attached to it.
  • IP Telefon – the phone set customized for VoIP is attached to the Internet by a LAN cable.
  • Mobiteli – the call establishment is preceded by free installation of the application Fring and making of settings.
  • Web2Call – the call establishment via VoIPBON web interface, with no need to type the number on the phone.
  • Tel2Tel – making calls via web interface, without using IP device.
  • Callback – return call to user mobile or fixed telephone device.
  • Pristupni broj – calling VoIPBON access numbers.


Using our VoIPBON you are enabled to call any international destination.

Detailed list of countries and rates is provided as follows … RATES.

VoipBON Fax

VoipBON FAX service provides sending fax messages in a very simple and practical way, to a selected group of recipients without the need to buy expensive devices. Simple web interface allows you to quickly create, send and receive fax messages. It is possible to make a draft of a document, temporarily store the document or saving your own templates, integration of your photos or graphics into the fax message…are just some of the possibilities. The sender can scan his signature and ‘’sign’’ documents, contracts and decide when eh will send the fax choosing the time and date of fax message sending.

By choosing fax messages you want to print, additionally you can save on costs of office supplies (paper, toners).

In addition to these options, VoIPBON ONE package offers now the option to send PDF documents via Fax service. In addition to these benefits we should also emphasize the possibility of archiving of received and sent messages to your PC with a guaranteed total privacy of the entire archive, accessible only to the owner.

Simplicity, good price and a lot of different possibilities of application are what distinguishes VoipBON FAX service!

  • Complete digitalization
  • No office supplies costs
  • No costs for maintenance of the device
  • Ease of use
  • Possibility of adding documents
  • Archive of received and sent FAX messages onto the computer in digital form
  • Sending timing
  • Sending  PDF documents


SMS servis via voipBON is a simple communication tool to contact with a group of friends, associates, family or other group anywhere in the world. Greetings, maintaining contacts and the like are just some of the information that can be presented using text messages (SMS). VoIPBON SMS sending is cheaper than the usual rates of telecom operators, and it is possible to send messages to multiple mobile numbers, and there is a possibility to determine in advance the moment when you want the messages to be sent.

Advantages of SMS service:

  • Low cost of message sending
  • Simultaneous access to a large number of recipients
  • Quick, direct and safe transfer of marketing message
  • Report on delivery and analysis
  • Discount for larger number of SMS messages
  • Simple usage via web interface

SMS can contain up to 160 characters, and you can create the identity of the sender yourself, so it can be your name, nickname, etc., or simply a cell phone number.

To use the voipBON SMS service  first open your user account and to pay in the amount for sending SMS, VoIP phone calls at cheaper rates or sending fax messages.

The costs of text messages can be at all times checked on your VoIPBON account.

Join our service and use all the advantages SMS service provides!


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