ICT Sector

VoipBON ICT is a package of services that we offer to companies engaged in the import, sales and servicing of devices from the ICT sector. It is of great import to mention that for the telecommunication services we offer, the investments are  minimal or not required at all, the return on investments is rapid, and savings in telecommunications costs is significant. All offered solutions are easily integrated into the existing systems.

Within the voipBON ICT package, the users can select one or more services that voipBON service offers, and it includes SMS, FAX, DID numbers and VoIP telephony service. Users are provided with a virtual private network (VPN), which makes the communication with the branch offices free of charge and which reduces the number of necessary telephone lines.

SMS service has many different modes of application; SMS API integration into your own applications or applications developed for users, SMS info service for computer services, SMS marketing for providing information to users, etc.

Voice services are convenient if you frequently communicate with your partners abroad.

The option Call Shop provides a new dimension and more features to the Internet cafes.

All these services are available through a simple user interface, through which the complete control and administration is carried out.

ICT sector has the following services at its disposal



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